Tips for Delivering a Winning Pitch


Get ready to roll up your sleeves! Friday, January 25th 2013 marks the first Startup Weekend event in New York City for the new year and our focus is in the Mobile space. Some of New York City’s finest entrepreneurs, developers, and designers will join forces at the WeWork Soho Lounge to launch new mobile focused startup products and ideas over the course of just 54 hours.

Friday night kicks off with a Pitch event where attendees have 60 seconds to get the audience interested in a new idea. To help you prepare and pitch your ideas, here are some curated tips from influencers in the tech startup community.

 Feel free share your own tips with me @CyndiC02 on Twitter using our event hashtag #swmobilenyc


On Pitching and Entrepreneurship:

“Fun is infectious. So try and enjoy yourself”

Dave McClure


On Brevity:

“Any good idea can be expressed in 140 characters or less”

Brad Feld


On Stupid Ideas:

“Most people will probably think your idea is stupid.  This does not mean your idea is stupid.”

Chris Dixon


On Idea Generation:

“Like most good ideas, [The Dollar Shave Club] started with two guys who were pissed off about something and decided to do something about it…”

David Pakman


On Focus:

“The key question for evaluating an idea is number one: Is it obvious why people should use it?

Evan Williams


On Agile Development:

“Create Value. Don’t be Wasteful.”

Abby Fichtner


On Understanding Your Audience:

“Notice that ideas never spread because they are important to the originator.”

Seth Godin


On New York:

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can’t do now. You’re in New York…”

Alicia Keys


On Startup Weekend Mobile NYC:

“Don’t forget your phone charger.”

– Cyndi Knapic